High Output

Altos Maxi

Altos Maxi is a range of high output LED emergency luminaires. Ideal for high-bay installations up to 15m they minimise the number of luminaires required through the use of efficient lenses and LEDs. 

Significantly reduced installation and maintenance costs.

ICEL Endorsed control gear* ensures quality and compliance.



Feature Highlights

  • ICEL Endorsed control gear (ALT-4380)
  • Highly efficient optics
  • Non-maintained LED emergency luminaire for high level installations
  • Standard, self-test, DALI and Central Battery System options
  • Mounting height up to 15m
  • 5-year warranty* 
  • Up to 1000lm output in emergency mode

Installation Options

Can be installed on:

  • lighting trunking
  • bus bar
  • or suspended 

Product Codes

Model Number:Description:Duration:EM Output:
ALT-4380-WB-XSWide beam lens with switchable self-test3hr6W 670lm
ALT-4380-RK-XSRack lens with switchable self-test3hr6W 700lm
ALT-4380-CO-XSCorridor lens with switchable self-test3hr6W 760lm
ALT-4500-WB-DAWide beam lens with DALI emergency gear3hr1000lm
ALT-4500-RK-DARack with DALI emergency gear3hr1000lm
ALT-4500-CO-DACorridor with DALI emergency gear3hr1000lm
Central Battery Slave
ALT-4500-CO-CB50Luminaire for 50V AC/DC Central Battery System1400lm
ALT-4500-CO-CB110Luminaire for a 110V AC/DC Central Battery System1400lm
ALT-4500-CO-CB240Luminaire for a 240V AC/DC Central Battery System1400lm