Daylight Sensors


Daylight Sensor

The light emitted by LEDs is at a different wavelength from natural light. We use a special photocell to measure and differentiate natural light from LED light from within the luminaire so that internal LED light can be disregarded. The device only responds to natural light.


Holiday Mode

This feature can be used in areas which may be unoccupied for extended periods. In this mode, the sensor will switch the luminaire on and off automatically and at random intervals when natural light is below the desired lux threshold..


Feature Highlights

  • LIA Certified
  • Incorporating DUAL PHOTOCELL technology 
  • 5-year warranty*

Technical Specification

Input voltage:220-240V AC 50-60Hz
Rated load:100W (capacitive)
200W (resistive)
Stand-by power:<0.5W
Operational temp:-20°C to +70°C
IP rating:IP20