Microwave Motion Sensors

FXS01: Basic

Using dual photocell technology, FXS01 can differentiate between natural light and artificial light from behind the diffuser. It can switch the luminaire off automatically whenever ambient light is sufficient.


Feature Highlights

  • Incorporating DUAL PHOTOCELL technology
  • 5.8GHz C-band microwave motion sensor
  • 5-year warranty*

Technical Specification

Input voltage:220-240V AC 50-60Hz
Rated load:200W/1.9A (capacitive)
800W/3.7A (resistive)
Stand-by power:< 0.5W
Dual sensor:real lux off function for built-in application
Zero-cross circuit:protects relay against in-rush current
Detection range:up to 12m in diameter
Mounting height:up to 6m
Max. Tc:85°C
Operational temperature range:-20°C to +70°C