IP65 Emergency Bulkhead

Fox Lux Emergency Bulkheads are ICEL Endorsed and manufactured to provide full compliance with current standards, including BS 60598-2-22. 

The product can be wired for either maintained or non- maintained operation and has IP65 protection, meaning that it can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

All versions can be tested using the optional remote control REM10.



Feature Highlights

  • ICEL Endorsed
  • 170lm or 320lm options
  • 1400lm mains version available
  • IP65 self-contained LED emergency luminaire
  • IK10 impact rating
  • Low stand-by power consumption < 0.5W (NM mode)
  • Self-test optional
  • Remote control optional (REM10)
  • Lithium battery
  • Maintained or non-maintained configurations as standard 
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Supplied with stick-on exit legend kit
  • 5-year warranty*

Product Codes

FXB01/M/3LED EM Bulkhead 170lm IP653hrmanual test
FXB01-S/M/3LED EM Bulkhead 170lm IP653hrself-test
FXB02/M/3LED EM Bulkhead 320lm IP653hrmanual test
FXB02-S/M/3LED EM Bulkhead 320lm IP653hrself-test
FXB02-S/12/M/3LED EM Bulkhead 320lm (1400lm mains) IP653hrself-test